Steering Damper, Return To Centre Steering Damper suits HJ60, HJ61, FJ60, FJ62 – By Terrain Tamer – By Terrain Tamer - Siege Overland
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Steering Damper (Return To Centre) for 60 Series Landcruiser – By Terrain Tamer

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Terrain Tamer's Steering Damper, Return To Centre suits HJ60, HJ61, FJ60, FJ62 & BJ60 models!

A 4x4 steering damper is a device designed to reduce the effect of shocks and vibrations on the steering system of your vehicle. It works by dampening or absorbing these jolts before they reach the driver's hands, making it easier and safer to control your vehicle. Steering dampers are an essential part of any off-road prepared 4x4 vehicle as they ensure that you can safely traverse even the most rugged terrains with precision driving accuracy. They also help extend the life span of your suspension components by reducing wear and tear from repetitive shock loads on them. Terrain Tamer’s range of 4x4 steering dampers is built for superior performance and heavy-duty strength.

Steering dampers serve to reduce the effects of road shock and vibration on your 4x4’s steering system. They are designed to absorb these shocks, which can help provide a smoother ride and more control for the driver. This also reduces wear on suspension components as it prevents excessive force from being transmitted through them. When fitted with one of Terrain Tamer’s superior steering dampers, you will feel in complete control over any terrain you traverse - no matter how rugged it is! With Terrain Tamer's range of 4x4 steering dampers, you'll be able to handle even the toughest off-road conditions with ease.

Steering dampers provide a variety of benefits for 4x4 vehicles. They help reduce wear and tear on suspension components by absorbing shocks before they can be transmitted through them, thus extending their life span. Additionally, they make driving off-road smoother and easier since they absorb any jolts or vibrations coming up through the system to the driver's hands. With Terrain Tamer's range of 4x4 steering dampers installed, you'll be able to enjoy greater control over your vehicle in all kinds of terrain for an improved driving experience.

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