Insul-Layer – By Car Builders™
Insul-Layer – By Car Builders™
Insul-Layer – By Car Builders™
Insul-Layer – By Car Builders™
Car Builders

Insul-Layer – By Car Builders™

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Car Builders Insul-Layer is a peel and stick closed cell foam designed to fit in tight areas. It offers acoustic and thermal insulation, prevents condensation and is very affordable.  

Our Insul-Layer will not rot, attract mould and is easy to cut and apply.

NOTE: For all inverted or vertical applications that will be covered in carpet/fabric (IE having more weight added to the surface of the Insul-Layer), we recommend applying an upholstery grade Spray Adhesive rate at 120°C. 


  • Light Weight
  • Easy installation - just peel off the release liner and adhere to surface.
  • Cuts with scissor and knife
  • Reduces heat transfer
  • Does not rot or deteriorate
  • Affordable


  • Roof skins 
  • Inside cavities
  • 1/4 panels
  • Doors
  • In-between trim panels to reduce vibrations/rattles (3mm Insul-Layer's main purpose)
  • Vans & campers (6mm 6.5M Roll is perfect for these)

(6.5M Roll is plain black, no branding)

Length: 1400mm or 6.5m
Width: 950mm or 1000mm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight (6mm): 0.6kg/sheet
Weight (3mm): 0.4kg/sheet
Temperature resistance (long term): -40°C to 110°C
Temperature resistance (short term): -40°C to 135°C


What are the rules for applying a peel & stick product?

It is vitally important when laying a peel & stick product that the surface is thoroughly cleaned to remove any grim or dirt. We use a wax and grease remover. If you use a product such as methylated spirits or turps, as these are oil based, they will leave a residue that can affect the bond. Use a isopropyl alcohol (wax and grease remover) to remove this film.

Peel & stick products adhere well to metal surfaces, however if you are sticking the product to porous or rough materials, such as factory bitumen sound deadener, the product will require additional Spray Adhesive. 

Peel & stick products should not be stretched when applied to a surface as the material will eventually want to 'pop' back.

You need to ensure that peel & stick products are thoroughly rolled down, with pressure applied across the entire product to ensure that it has firmly adhered to the surface. We use an Application Roller.

If you find an air bubble, you should pierce the bubble to release the trapped air and roll the product down firmly.

We recommend using additional spray adhesive when using products in inverted positions or if you are directly adding further weight onto the product, such as glueing 4-way stretch carpet to the product's surface.