Fan Clutch (2F & 3F) for 60 Series Landcruiser – By Dayco

Fan Clutch (2F & 3F) for 60 Series Landcruiser – By Dayco

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This is a quality aftermarket, brand new fan clutch by Dayco. This fan clutch is a suitable replacement for your factory fan clutch.

Designed for 2F and 3F engines.

Dayco Fan Clutches are die-cast aluminium and have a machined body that helps to provide for a tight fit within close tolerances, while producing precision performance. Deep fins increase surface area for improved heat dissipation, while exclusive drive spines are knurled and burnished. The shaft surface resists slippage caused by heavy torque loads and assures longer bearing life. Top-quality bearings ensure longer life and quiet, smooth running. A special silicone fluid inhibits heat build-up to prolong service life. A bi-metal thermostatic spring adjusts the fan speed in response to operating temperature requirements - reducing fuel consumption.

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