Electrical Alternator for 60 Series Landcruiser – By Terrain Tamer
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Electrical Alternator for 60 Series Landcruiser – By Terrain Tamer

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Recognising the importance of high quality electrical replacement parts, Terrain Tamer’s range of 4WD alternators are constructed with genuine parts made by the original manufacturer to ensure strength, reliability and longevity.

Each 4WD alternator is individually tested after manufacturing to guarantee they reach the maximum in safety and performance and each unit is then sold with its own unique test certificate, displaying the results of the extensive testing process, ensuring efficiency and durability standards will be met under the toughest of conditions.

Offering a lightweight body, and fitted with high quality OE standard bearings, Terrain Tamer alternators go through the process of having stators and rectifiers performance tested to 500 volts and slip rings polished to minimise abrasion. Rotors are also tested for continuity between the slip rings.

No matter where you are, any electrical breakdown is something to be avoided, and when you're a long way from home, having to replace a failed alternator or starter motor is a major inconvenience. You may wish to also consider Terrain Tamers starter motors to ensure you get home everytime.

- made in Japan

What is an electrical alternator? 

An electrical alternator is a device that uses the power from an engine or other power source to generate electricity. It is typically used in 4x4 vehicles to charge the battery and to provide energy for accessories like radios, lights, and navigation systems. Alternators are often replaced when they become worn or malfunction due to age or damage.

How do electrical alternators work?

Electrical alternators take energy from the spinning crankshaft of an engine and turn it into direct current (DC) electricity. The DC electricity generated by the alternator then charges your vehicle’s battery and powers its accessories such as radios, lights, and navigation systems. If you need a replacement for your 4x4 vehicle’s alternator or its parts like brushes and pulleys, we at Terrain Tamer offer quality aftermarket solutions that come with warranties so you can be sure of their longevity on your off-road adventures.

What are the advantages of electrical alternators?

Electrical alternators offer a number of advantages in a 4x4 vehicle. They provide reliable, steady electricity that can power accessories like radios, lights, and navigation systems on long trips. They also charge the battery quickly and efficiently so that you can keep your engine running without worrying about power losses due to low battery levels. When it comes to replacing an electrical alternator or its parts such as brushes and pulleys, Terrain Tamer offers quality aftermarket solutions with warranties which means you can trust them for all your off-road adventures.


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