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Smart CANBUS Module (pair) for 60 Series Landcruiser – By JTX Lighting

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These new SMART modules by JTX now do the job of their old loom which addressed negative switching and they also fix the blue hi beam dash lights and spotties – all in one (or 2 I should say).

To eliminate confusion and for all those who can’t read instructions we set out to make these as fool proof as possible. Simply plug these into the headlight sockets and then plug your new LED lights into these. And that’s all there is to it. No loom and no auto elecs needed.

These now fix all of the following …

  • Negative or Earth switching which all toyotas have
  • Reverse polarity issues
  • Blue hi beam dash light
  • Spotties not coming on in high beam
  • Some cars have computers polling to test loads and these satisfy those computers too.

No matter what brand of LED or even HID you are trying to use, if you have a Toyota or a Suzuki then you do need these and these are all you need.

You need 1 module per light. This listing is for 2 modules. If you have 4 lights you will need a second set.

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