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GPS Tracker, LiveTrack Stealth Tracker - By Ultimate9

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The LiveTrack Stealth GPS Tracker is a small yet advanced GPS vehicle tracker that can be used to locate and track your 60 Series at anytime using your smartphone and the free iCar phone App.

The Stealth is perfect for tracking your 60 Series Landcruiser! The Stealth uses GPS satellites to determine the exact location of the tracker and then uses the mobile phone network to transfer that location data directly to your smartphone.  

And there are all sorts of reasons why you might need the Stealth.

It is not just a simple matter of preventing or detecting theft, although it is a very effective tool in that regard.

You might want to keep track of your 60 when dropping it off for a service or mechanical work, with the ability to set up a Geo-Fence. Whatever your reason may be, you can rest assured that the Stealth will put your mind at ease.

How does the LiveTrack work?

The LiveTrack uses GPS satellites to determine the exact location of the tracker and then uses the mobile phone network to transfer this location data directly to your smartphone. Using the free iCar app, your smartphone allows you to see exactly where the tracker is located at all times. You can also view where the tracker has been on previous days using the location history feature. You can set up a Geofence our virtual boundary so that you will be alerted if the tracker goes out of that boundary. When you park your car or boat you can also activate the Parking Monitor which enables the G-Shock sensor, which will detect any vibrations around the tracker and will send a burglar alarm to your phone the moment any disturbance is detected. 

You can also add an unlimited number of trackers to your phone app, so you can rest assured knowing all of your vehicles/valuables are accounted for. You can even share your trackers location with other users so multiple people will know where the tracker is located at any time. This can only be done by sharing your trackers unique number and password, safeguarding you from anyone else being able to track you without permission or change your settings. This is especially hand in emergency and security situations.

How easy is the LiveTrack to install?
The LiveTrack Stealth has no external GPS or GSM/mobile phone network antennas so it can be installed pretty much anywhere. Installation is as simple as it gets, firstly you need to register your Aldi sim card at (full instructions in the box), The SIM card has $5 prepaid credit on it that will generally last at least 3 months but the SIM card needs to be activated for the tracker to work. Although you can use SIM cards from other telcos we use the ALDI Telstra SIM card as it offers 12 month expiry on data usage and has very good coverage on the Telstra network. You can add credit to your SIM card at any time by simply logging on to your new ALDI account. Even with the most frequent location updates $15 credit should last a full year!

If you prefer to use an alternative SIM card such as Telstra mobile, Vodafone or Optus you can replace the pre-fitted SIM card with the SIM card of your choice. In these cases you may have to set up a new APN specific to the SIM card brand you are using and be aware that these telcos may charge you monthly fees as part of their data plans and this may be more expensive than the ALDI rate.

The physical installation of the LiveTrack unit is a breeze, with just a simple positive (+) and negative (–) two wire connection. Connect the RED (+) wire to a constant power supply and BLACK wire to Ground. We recommend not to mount the tracker under heavy metallic objects as it can interfere with the precision of the signal – under the dash near the windscreen is an ideal location that is effective and hard to find. Now just download the free iCAR smart phone app, setup your LiveTrack and away you go! 

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