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E–Locker & Bearing Kit, Full Floating Axle for 60 Series Landcruiser - By Terrain Tamer

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The Terrain Tamer Differential Locking Kit includes all required bearings and gaskets plus the Australian made Harrop Eaton ELocker.

The Harrop Eaton ELocker is an electromagnetic locking differential, requiring no compressor or air lines, that is manually engaged with an on/off switch by the driver. Internally, the patented Eaton gears are forged and feature a strong 4 pinion design. The Harrop Eaton ELocker has a simple 'drop in' fitting process and allows the front and rear axles-lock independently.

  • Made in Australia
  • Manually Selected
  • Electronically Activated

What is an ELocker and how does it work?
The Harrop Eaton ELockers sold by Terrain Tamer as a kit, with all required side bearings, are reliable electronic, selectable differentials, featuring electromagnetic locking technology and a 4 pinion, forged gear design for added strength, intended for 4WD drivers who require traction on demand.

When unlocked, an ELocker performs as an open differential, transferring extra power to the wheel with the least resistance, and the wheels can rotate at different speeds.

However, when the driver needs instant traction, they are able to simply flick a switch, activating the electromagnet, which pushes the locking pins into position in the back of the side gear and the differential is locked, capturing 100% of available torque, distributing it equally to both ends of the axle regardless of the difference in traction, and forcing the wheels to rotate at the same speed.

An open differential is required for general road usage, as an outside tire travels further than the inside wheel during cornering, however when a driver is in a low traction situation such trying to power through mud or climb over a boulder and only one tire is actually receiving power, a locker is often required.

What are the advantaged of an ELocker over an Air Locker?
ELockers use an electronic in-dash switch to control a set of magnets that causes a roller cams to engage pins that push into the side gear, locking the differential.

This is the prime advantage of an eLocker – it doesn’t require an outside source of power besides the standard 12-volt, and does not require an on-board air compressor to operate, as air lockers do.

This makes ELockers significantly more reliable and is why they are the preferred option for many 4WD owners.

How do you activate an ELocker?
ELockers are activated by a dash or console mounted switch. Any suitable 12VDC switch will work, however the required wiring harness with a relay switch, chassis electrical system protecting diode, and the fuse is included with all Terrain Tamer ELocker Kits.

The Harrop Eaton ELocker is an open differential with electronically-controlled locking features and, while the design of the locking components differs between models and generations of designs, they all work by locking one of the side gears to the differential case.

When the ELocker is engaged via the dash switch, the electromagnetic mechanism fully locks, evenly sending 100% of the available torque to both wheels.

Can you engage an ELocker while driving?
Technically, an ELocker can be engaged while driving, however you need to pay attention that the wheel speed difference (between the right and left wheel) remains under 50 rpm. It's therefore recommended that a driver engages an ELocker only when the vehicle speed is below 5km/h.

While ELockers are intended to accommodate severe use, constant abuse and extreme speed engagement will significantly shorten the life of the ELocker and is not covered under warranty.

When the ELocker is engaged, it instantly attempts to lock and match wheel speeds, and as a result, the differential must immediately accelerate the slow speed wheel, axle shaft, and brake component mass to the same speed as the free-spinning wheel.

This is not only harsh on the differential; it is also incredibly harsh on the axle shaft.

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