FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland - Siege Overland
FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland - Siege Overland
FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland - Siege Overland
FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland - Siege Overland
FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland - Siege Overland
FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland - Siege Overland
Siege Overland

FJ62 & HJ61 Landcruiser Carpet – Siege Overland

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 Is your 60 Series still wearing it's original carpet? Chances are very likely, yes it is 👎🏽

It most likely still has dog hair in there from the previous 2x owners, Maccas chips from that late night last year along with some other 'memories embedded' in it 🍟🐶

Definitely, time to replace 🔄

Your 60 Series isn't a new car, but we know there's been a few times when you've hopped in and thought "geez I wish this interior felt cleaner, newer, fresher" 😩

*Please note that wheel arch covers are not included in the rear for this set of carpet for HJ61 and FJ62

This is the first step to a fresh interior... 👄

What problems will this solve?

  • Affordable interior refreshen 🍃
  • Easy enough self-install; less than half a day 🪛
  • Change or refresh the faded old colour 🧼
  • Choose a new loop style, or retain the original style 🤌🏽

🔧 Installation, our thoughts? 🤔

Pretty simple install, our process looked like this:

  • Throw down a canvas sheet 
  • Remove the front seats and centre console
  • Remove the rear seats
  • Pull out the carpet
  • Lay the old carpet down; mark out the old holes on the back of the new carpet, only slice these holes (don't fully cut them out)
  • Do sound deadening removal and replace with Car Builders wagon pack (if up to it)
  • Lay in your new carpet
  • Begin cutting in (very carefully) your handbrake, shifter and seat holes
  • Trim off the excess sides of the new carpet (overhanging doors etc.)
  • Re-install seats
  • Sit back and enjoy your work 👀🍺

Important details:

  • 📦 This carpet is made to order; please allow 7-12 working days for your carpet to be shipped, although we aim for 3-4 working days before shipment; you accept that this will take up to 10 business days to make and send + shipping times
  • 📑 Please note this carpet will suit; HJ60, HJ61, FJ60, FJ62. These really work well for HJ61s and FJ62s
  • 💺 This carpet does cater to (although you will need to mark out and cut out) an under seat heater on the driver's side for HJ61's and FJ62's
  • ✂️ Holes are not cut into these carpets; you will need to mark out and cut your own seat, heater, handbrake and shifter holes
  • 👉🏽 Whilst these carpets are as close as can be to original; there is some age in the moulds and they may change over time, your floor pan may be slightly varied, or the carpet may take time to get to shape; please allow for this, carpets are made to order you accept all of these conditions when ordering this carpet
  • Please note that wheel arch covers are NOT included with this carpet for the rear and must be ordered separately

Please Note our carpet comes with NO holes cut in it. Free fitting instructions can be found Here.

This set consists of 2-3 pieces, depending on your selection.

Our Moulded Carpet Range Comes In 4 Material Types, please note the colour per Carpet Pile/Material.

Loop Pile - This carpet is constructed using top-quality spun Acrylic yarn and is tufted on a 5/32" gauge tufting machine at 600 grams per square meter.
The carpet is produced in one-meter-wide rolls which are backed with Polyethylene which enables it to be moulded to the contours of an automotive floor pan.
As its name suggests loop pile carpet is made up using many small loops of yarn and is most commonly used in vehicles from the 1960's up until the mid 1980's.

Plush Pile - Uses a similar construction process to Loop pile but with a much higher yarn density of 750 grams per square meter.
Plush pile (sometimes referred to as Cut pile) gives a more luxurious appearance and is generally used in most vehicles from the mid 1980's to the present day.

Classic Loop - Our strongest and most durable carpet material. Manufactured by us using the original 80% Rayon and 20% Nylon yarn, it is an exact reproduction of the carpet used by the car makers during 1960’s to 1970’s, including the 60 Series Landcruiser, other types that used this were HK-HG Holden, XT-XY Falcon, Valiant Charger and many other models. It is available in most original colours including black, saddle (Ford), Chev + GMH blue, VH Commodore (Brock), Burgundy along with many other colours and is suitable for all makes and models including present day vehicles.

Super Plush - Uses a similar construction process to plush pile but with a much higher yarn density of 950 grams per square meter. Super Plush pile gives of a lush and thick luxurious appearance. Originally Used in the early 70s for SLE commodores, Ford LTD and Statesmen.  

Please Note the colour reproduction of these samples will vary dependant on the viewers graphics/monitor settings. Knox Auto Carpets have no control over these settings and would advise the customer to always phone us to discuss their requirements if they have any doubts regarding the correct colour for their vehicle."

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