60 Series Air Conditioning Condenser for HJ60 / HJ61 – By Jayair - Siege Overland

60 Series Air Conditioning Condenser for HJ60 / HJ61 – By Jayair

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Is your AC not staying cold or consistent? 🚩

Have you had your AC system re-gassed but it seems to not be 100%?

First, we recommend getting your AC assessed by a professional by doing a quick Google search, chatting to an AC or Auto Electrical Specialist and asking for a quote.

Once you know your condenser is broken or leaking, it might be time to upgrade, and whilst your Air Conditioning can be a costly upgrade if doing all parts at once, we really recommend it once you know what you're up for.

Jayair Air Conditioning condensers are second to none in terms of quality and reliability. They all come backed by a 3 year warranty.

Need to upgrade your AC Compressor also? Link for AC Condensers here 👈🏼.

This Jayair CN5128 Air Condenser suits a Landcruiser HJ60, HJ61, HJ75 10/86–90

Length (mm)


Fitting Location
Height (mm) 398
Thickness (mm) 22
Inlet Fitting Type
Inlet Fitting Type # 8 MIOR
Outlet Fitting Type
Outlet Fitting Type # 5 MIOR
Actual Length
Actual Height


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